Norwegian register of aviation obstacles WMS


This service shows a simplified version of the National register of aviation obstacles (see separate metadata). The information includes ID, obstacle type, lighting, name, height above sea level, vertical extent (height above the ground), lighting/marking, measurement method for position and height, accuracy for position and height, status, data capture date, verification date and date for last updating of the obstacle.

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Specific usage

The WMS service to NRL makes it possible to show sections of the register in a web browser, a web application or a desktop application. As the data for this service is established on the basis of reports from the owners of obstacles, the Norwegian Mapping Authority is unable to guarantee that the data is complete or accurate.


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Andreas Woxholtt, – Norwegian Mapping Authority

Contact owner: – Norwegian Mapping Authority

Contact publisher: – Norwegian Mapping Authority


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  • EPSG:4326, EPSG:32632, EPSG:32633, EPSG:32634, EPSG:32635, EPSG:32636


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