Storm surge and sea-level rise


The dataset shows storm surges with 20-, 200-, and 1000-year return heights. The data is available for scenarios of future sea level rise at present stage, 2050 and 2090. Flooding occurs when the weather results in a particularly high water level. In particular, the wind and changes in air pressure affect the water level.

Specific usage

The dataset is particularly relevant for planning, building matters, climate adaptation and civil protection and emergency.


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  • SOSI 4.5

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Reference systems:
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 32, 2d
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 33, 2d
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 35, 2d
  • EUREF89 / ETRS89-LAEA Europe
  • EUREF 89 Geografisk (ETRS 89) 2d


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