Reindeer husbandry -herding migration routes


The dataset describes longer tracks or routes in the terrain where reindeer are either driven or migrate of their own accord between the seasonal pastures. Essentially, a migration track symbolises active migration/driving of reindeer, and according to section 22 of the Reindeer Husbandry Act migration tracks for reindeer herding must not be closed. The width will vary depending on factors such as the terrain and snow conditions, and the size and gathering of the herd. Grazing pockets/overnight pastures are marked as extensions. The autumn migration is usually more widespread and takes place over a considerably longer time than the spring migration. Therefore, the autumn tracks are often wider. The maps are to be regarded as an illustration of how the reindeer husbandry industry primarily and normally uses these areas. The Act on reindeer husbandry (the Reindeer Husbandry Act) controls the rights and obligations of reindeer herders in relation to land use.

Specific usage

The area boundaries are indicative as information for the reindeer industry, public administration, the planning authorities and developers. The content of the datasets is not binding for future use.


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The reindeer grazing areas where Sami reindeer husbandry takes place covers approx. 40 % of the land area of Norway, extending from Finnmark in the north to Engerdal, Hedmark in the south. Sami reindeer husbandry also takes place in Trollheimen on the basis of a special legal arrangement. Non-sami reindeer husbandry takes place in the mountain areas in Southern Norway, based on agreements with landowners. Shape files can be downloaded here: