Height DTM 50


Digital terrain model with heights in a 50 x 50-metre grid. Created primarily on the basis of height information from N50. The height themes are: elevations, peaks, trig points, coast, lakes, roads. Created as 100 x 100 km tiles. The names of the tiles reflect the UTM coordinates in the bottom left-hand corner, two digits for the north coordinate and two digits for the east coordinate. The standard deviation of elevation is +/- 4-6 metres. The data covers mainland Norway and islands. The model continues some way on the foreign side to the east with data of uncertain quality. This dataset was produced in 2007. There are no plans to update this dataset.

Specific usage

Production of relief maps, etc. The files can be used as a basis for simple 3D visualisations.


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Contact information

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Ole Christian Kjekshus, kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority

Contact owner:
Andreas Korsnes, kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority

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Andreas Korsnes, kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority


Spatial representation: Grid

  • DEM
  • TIFF

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Units of distribution: cellevis

Reference systems:
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 33, 2d


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Access constraints: Open data

Other constraints: Kan lastes ned av partnere i Norge Digitalt.

Security constraints: Unclassified


The entire country is in UTM zone 33.