Polar shaded relief map for depths

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Data from the GEBCO_08 Grid, version 20100927, http://www.gebco.net, and the Mareano project, http://www.mareano.no

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Geodatatjenester, kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority

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Geodatatjenester, wms-drift@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority

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Geodatatjenester, wms-drift@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority


  • OGC WMS 1.3.0

Distribution type: WMS service

Get Capabilities Url: https://wms.geonorge.no/skwms1/wms.dybderelieffpolar_v02?&layer=GEBCO_skyggerelieff

Layer name: GEBCO_skyggerelieff


Use limitations: Ingen begrensninger på bruk er oppgitt.

Access constraints: Open data

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Other constraints: Ingen begrensninger oppgitt.

Licence: Creative Commons BY 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

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