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National map client for information on universal design and accessibility. The Norwegian Mapping Authority maps universal design and accessibility in towns, district centers and recreational areas and publishes all data. Data collection is focused on two user groups: People with reduced mobility and people with impaired vision. The data show how the place is designed in respect to accessibility for people with reduced mobility and impaired vision. The data set is a contribution to the national goal of a universally designed society by 2025. All people with disabilities or special needs, temporary or permanent, should be able to be as independent as possible and safe. By that, the project is a contribution to improve public health. The aim of a national mapping project is to ensure consistent and comparable recording of populated areas and recreational areas throughout the country.

Specific usage

The map client is serving as a reference work on the status og accessibility throughout the country.


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Kathrin Bögelsack, – Norwegian Mapping Authority

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Sven Michaelis, – Norwegian Mapping Authority

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Mari Halvorsen, – Norwegian Mapping Authority


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