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The service covers areas that the Directorate of Cultural Heritage defines as areas of listed, densely built, wooden buildings. These areas are subject to spesific fire protection measures. The service also covers areas where there is a particular chance of fire contagion as defined by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection in cooperation with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage. Densely built wooden building environments are particularily vulnerable to fire contagion. The largest areas of continuous, older wooden building environments, can be found in cities like Halden, Stavanger and Trondheim. They can also be clusters of buildings on larger farms such as Havråtunet, or older fishing settlements such as Sør-Gjæslingan.

Specific usage

Tjenesten egner seg til å identifisere sårbare tettbygde områder av kulturhistorisk stor verdi. Datasettet gir bedre oversikt over slike verdifulle områder i forbindelse med regulerings- og byggeplaner.


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