Reindeer husbandry - grazing districs


The dataset defines the reindeer grazing districts in the Sami reindeer grazing area. The right to practice reindeer husbandry within these areas is exclusive to the Sami population. This special Sami right is not applicable outside these areas, where special permission is required for reindeer husbandry on owned and leased land. A reindeer grazing district constitutes an administrative unit for a number of reindeer siidas. The County Governor is the administration authority in the reindeer grazing districts.

Specific usage

The district boundaries are indicative as information for the reindeer industry, public administration, the planning authorities and developers.


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The reindeer grazing areas where Sami reindeer husbandry takes place covers approx. 40% of the land area of Norway, extending from Finnmark in the north to Engerdal, Hedmark in the south. The country is divided into 6 reindeer grazing areas, which have a number of reindeer grazing districts. Shape files can be downloaded from