Terrain models of the seabed 50m grid


The dataset shows terrain variations on the seabed. These terrain models have been produced by using high quality hydrographic survey data. \\nThe data in this dataset, which are close to the shoreline, includes some coverage in Central Norway (large areas in Hordaland, and otherwise, certain areas in the counties of Sogn and Fjordane, Møre and Romsdal, and Trøndelag). But the dataset has the best coverage in the areas in Northern Norway, with almost continuous coverage north of 67 degrees. In ocean areas, the coverage is largely dependent on the surveys organized by the MAREANO program (for more information: www.mareano.no/en). MAREANO has surveyed the ocean areas off the coast of all of the northern counties: Møre and Romsdal, Trøndelag, Nordland, Troms, and Finnmark; plus the eastern part of the Barents Sea, and, otherwise, certain areas around Svalbard. The coverage area is extended continuously and the data is updated whenever new hydrographic surveys are finished being processed. The resolutions of the terrain models are 50m x 50m. Partners in Norge Digital have the possibility of downloading data from the Norge Digital downloading service. Other users must request the data by sending an application or an order to: sjodata@kartverket.no.

Specific usage

This dataset is suitable for planning at the detail level. This data is frequently used for planning the routes for submarine cables, pipelines, and subsea tunnels, etc.; planning of the development of harbour areas or the coastal zone; different types of thematic maps; petroleum activities; modelling of ocean currents, sea level changes, and marine pollution, etc.; fishing and aquaculture; mapping of seabed conditions, marine vegetation, and conservation areas, etc.; and emergency response planning, and in search and rescue operations.


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kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority

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kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority

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kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority


Spatial representation: Grid

  • ENH
  • NED
  • TIFF
  • XYZ

Distribution type: Geonorge download

Units of distribution: cellevis

Reference systems:
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 32, 2d
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 33, 2d
  • WGS84 Geografisk


Use limitations: There are no restrictions on use. Members of Norway Digital, the national geographical infrastructure, can download all open data from the Norwegian Hydrographic Service at this Internet address: http://data.kartverket.no/download/content/geodataprodukter?korttype=3631&aktualitet=All&datastruktur=All&dataskema=All

Access constraints: Open data

Use constraints: License

Other constraints: The 5x5 meter and 25x25 meter grids are defined as classified information inside the Norwegian territorial limit of 12 nautical miles. If a customer wants access to such data, the Norwegian Hydrographic Service can apply for permission from the Norwegian Armed Forces, on behalf of the customer. The application will normally be approved on the condition that the data is returned/destroyed within five years.

Licence: Creative Commons BY 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

Security constraints: Unclassified


This dataset is organized as areas of 30X30 minutes, i.e. ENC D-cells, in ASCII files in EUREF89 datum and (most often) UTM zone 33 coordinates (source: https://www.kartverket.no/en/data/kartdataer/Marine-Geospatial-Data/Terrain-Models-of-the-Seabed/). The exceptions to the UTM33 deliveries are in the Hordaland county and in the Trondheim fjord, which are delivered in UTM zone 32. It is possible to obtain the datasets in geographical coordinates also, but at the present time only by direct contact to sjodata@kartverket.no. If you need assistance in downloading and/or using data from the Norwegian Hydrographic Service, please read our tips and guidance on kartverket.no, especially: https://www.kartverket.no/en/data/kartdataer/Marine-Geospatial-Data/Terrain-Models-of-the-Seabed/ in English; or in Norwegian: https://www.kartverket.no/data/kartdataer/Dybdedata/Terrengmodeller-havbunn/ .\\nQuestions and inquiries should be sent to: Customer Service Center: kundesenter@kartverket.no, tel: (+47) 32 11 80 00.

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