Flooding - rough susceptiblitity zones


The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate's susceptibility map for flooding is a national map at a general level which shows which areas may be vulnerable to flooding. It will never be possible to make the map entirely accurate, but it is good enough to provide an indication of where the risk of flooding should be assessed in greater detail if new development is in the offing. The information on the map can be used as an initial assessment base in impact assessment and/or risk and vulnerability analyses linked with the municipal plan, and in order to identify potential flood hazard areas. The potential hazard areas can be used as a basis when establishing flood zones requiring special consideration and planning provisions.

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The susceptibility map for flooding is produced on the basis of hydrological models based on experience from Norwegian watercourses and a digital terrain model. The susceptibility map shows which areas may potentially be susceptible to flooding. The method used to produce the susceptibility map is discussed in Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate Report no. 07/2011 "Preliminary flood risk assessment in Norway: an example of a methodology based on a GIS-approach" (chapter 6). The increase in the water level will usually be significantly overestimated when this method is used. Therefore, more detailed mapping will generally reduce the extent of the susceptibility area. A correct level of detail is shown when the map is viewed on a scale of approx. 1:50,000.

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