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The service shows objects related to former mining activity from various sources indicating areas that require special care. The map contains data from Direktoratet for mineralforvaltning (DMF)'s internal registry of former mining objects and data from an external source (Statskog - The State-owned Land and Forest Company), and shows mines, mining openings and fuses, as well as safety areas attached to these. DMF's internal registry contains objects where the state by DMF has conducted inspection of old abandoned mines, and does not contain mining areas where others have had follow-up, such as Statskog. The activity zone associated with internal data is a polygon stretched 50 meter outside all objects associated with one particular mine. The map layer for external data contains points from the Norwegian Mapping Authority's M711 series, some of which are registered as a mine. A 200 meter alert zone has been added around these points. Please use the "KONTAKT OSS" ("CONTACT US") form at if you wish to give us feedback regarding the registrations.

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Spatial planning, education, outdoor activities


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Lena Seternes, – Directorate of Mining

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Arne Langeland, – Directorate of Mining

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Håvard Hammerstad, – Directorate of Mining


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