Norwegian register of aviation obstacles


The national register of aviation obstacles (NRL) includes aviation obstacles collected as a consequence of "Regulation on reporting, recording and marking of aviation obstacles". NRL includes position and other attributes for man-made objects that rise from the terrain (masts, towers, cranes, power lines etc.). Obstacles are represented as vectors, either points or lines.

Specific usage

Suitable for electronic chart and mapping systems and early warning systems aboard aeroplanes and helicopters. As the data for this service is established on the basis of reports from the owners of obstacles, the Norwegian Mapping Authority is unable to guarantee that the data is complete or accurate.


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Contact information

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Andreas Woxholtt, – Norwegian Mapping Authority

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Andreas Woxholtt, – Norwegian Mapping Authority


Spatial representation: Vector

  • GML 3.2.1
  • SOSI 4.5

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Reference systems:
  • EUREF89 / ETRS89-LAEA Europe
  • EUREF89 Geografisk + NN2000
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 32, 2d + NN54
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 33, 2d + NN54
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 35, 2d + NN54


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Access constraints: Open data

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Security constraints: Unclassified


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