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The Aquaculture locations WFS dataset shows the approximate centre point of all aquaculture sites in Norway. It includes information on the license status, as well as fish species, production type, capacity and purpose. Boundaries representing sea areas where permits have been granted to pursue aquaculture activities are also shown. The areas are drawn on the basis of the registered outer points of the locations recorded in the Aquaculture register of the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries. Fish and shellfish are not always to be found at the locations: this can be checked by looking at Biomass – yes/no. Biomass – yes/no is based on reports showing information from the locations on the last day of every month. There is also information on discontinued sites. Permission has been given for aquaculture activities at the locations at one time, but this permission has since been withdrawn and aquaculture activity is currently not approved. This is indicated with the status "TT" (withdrawn) and the date the license status changed.

Specific usage

Aquaculture locations are defined areas where permission has been given to pursue a specific aquaculture activity with various species and purposes. The dataset is important in many different contexts in connection with planning and administration of coastal areas, for coastal zone plans, zoning plans, etc.


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