Cadastre – Property maps


Property maps with simplified content and structure in relation to the Cadastre. Plots/spaces are linked with properties' farm numbers (cadastral units' cadastral numbers). There is no differentiation between various cadastral unit types (freehold tenure, leasehold land, section, common ownership of land) in spaces or at boundaries. **Limit points** include information on positioning accuracy.

Specific usage

Suitable for usage that does not require fully updated data. The dataset can be used together with other datasets to create a good, detailed map image at both large and small scales. The dataset has surface topology and identifiers (cadastral numbers/farm numbers) which makes it ideal for analyses.


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Contact information

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Magni Busterud, – Norwegian Mapping Authority

Contact owner: – Norwegian Mapping Authority

Contact publisher: – Norwegian Mapping Authority


Spatial representation: Vector

  • Shape
  • SOSI 4.5

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Units of distribution: kommunevis

Reference systems:
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 32, 2d
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 33, 2d
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 35, 2d


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Other constraints: Krever brukernavn og passord i BAAT

Licence: Norge digitalt-lisens

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Reference laws: Matrikkelloven §30, Forskrift om utlevering, viderebruk og annen behandling av opplysninger fra grunnboken og matrikkelen.


Report MAT0009 in the Cadastre, "Cadastral maps with simplified content and structure". Includes the "geometry element" of the cadastral units/properties in the Cadastre.