Mineral exploration- and extraction permits


The data display areas covered with mineral permits for the Norwegian state’s minerals, according to the "Lov om erverv og utvinning av mineralressurser (mineralloven)" §7; the Minerals Act. The data set contains areas defining active exploration permits (UND) and extraction permits (UTV). The data set has overlapping surfaces; several mineral rights can be issued for the same geographical area, but then have different priorities. The mineral Exploration or extraction permit with highest priority, i.e. the first applicant for the right, in a given area is determined by the date The Directorate of Mining with the Commissioner of Mines at Svalbard (DMF) received the application. This is recorded in the attribute InnsendtDato. An exploration permit to the State’s minerals is awarded as a right to a defined area and not as a right to a specific deposit. The owner of an exploration permit with the best priority has the exclusive right to apply for an extraction permit following the Minerals Act § 29. The validity of the exploration permits is 7 years from the best priority whereas extraction permits have 10 years validity. This date is defined from the attribute "UtstedtDato". DMF is the owner of the data set. The data set is included in the WMS-service Bergrettigheter.

Specific usage

Mineral prospecting, mineral exploration, mineral exploitation, mineral extraction, urban planning, detailed zoning plans, detailed planning, municipal planning.


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