Rockfall - rough susceptibility zones


Susceptibility areas for rockfall is a national series of maps showing areas that are potentially vulnerable to rockfalls at a general level. The maps show potential source areas and run-out areas for rockfalls. Your attention is drawn to the fact that the areas covered by source areas are in practice run-out areas as well, as avalanches that are triggered right at the top of the source area move through trigger areas below, before reaching the run-out areas at the bottom. Therefore, both source areas and run-out areas should generally be used together when using the dataset for analysis purposes. The susceptibility areas are identified by means of a data model which uses the slope of the terrain and geological information to recognise potential source areas for rockfalls. The run-out area for rockfalls is calculated automatically from each source area. No fieldwork is done when identifying or defining the areas.

Specific usage

The data is used for assessment of the risk of landslides in spatial plans at municipal planning level. The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate accepts no liability for damage or injuries due to errors in data and incorrect use of data.


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Søren E. Kristensen, – Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

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Eli K. Øydvin, – Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

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Ivar Peereboom, – Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate


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The dataset Rockfall susceptibility areas comprises the polygon themes **UtlosningOmr**(sorce area) and **UtlopOmr**(run-out area). **UtlosningOmr** covers areas where rockfalls may potentially be triggered, while **UtlopOmr** similarly covers the potential run-out areas for these source areas. Susceptibility areas for rockfalls provide a basic overview of areas that are potentially vulnerable to rockfalls. A national elevation model (Norwegian Mapping Authority) with a resolution of 25x25 metres is used, where the basic data is based mainly on 20 m contour lines. This is equivalent to what is found in a standard topographical map in mapscale 1:50 000. The dataset is adapted for use together with N50 (1:50,000) background data, and the accuracy of the dataset indicates that it should not be used together with background data which involves a higher level of detail than this.