The map service features land forms on the sea floor. Land forms formed under the influence of ice, pockmarks formed by seepage of gas or liquid from the underlying sediments/bedrock and slide scarps formed by slope failures, which are available from the map service, are interpreted on the basis of detailed bathymetry and sediment data. In addition, the service include depth information with depth contours, shaded relief in gray scale and shaded bathymetry in blue scale (terrain) from the detailed mapped areas in the coastal zone.

Specific usage

Visualize geological themes, surface forms and depths on the seabed in a way that easily convey knowledge about Norwegian coastal and marine areas for management, industry and research. The main focus is on communicating the latest mapping and research results from the Mareano program.


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Janne Grete Wesche, – Geological Survey of Norway

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Reidulv Bøe, – Geological Survey of Norway

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Aave Lepland, – Geological Survey of Norway


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