Marine Nature Types. Results from mapping and modelling of marine habitats, as well as some particular nature types in Norwegian marine areas. The map service shows the distribution of marine Biotopes, Shell sand deposits and Terminal moraines. The biotope maps are made in cooperation by NGU and IMR in frame of the MAREANO programme based on numerous physical, geological and biological parameters. Biotope maps along the coast are products of other projects. Maps of shell sand deposits along the coast are based on mapping (resource maps), and mapping/modelleling (shell sand as a nature type on the seabed). Maps of shell sand as a nature type are made in cooperation between NGU and NIVA in frame of the National Programme for Mapping of Marine Biological Diversity, led by the Norwegian Environment Agency and the Directorate of Fisheries. Also terminal moraines on the seabed, which are considered to constitute a special bottom type for fauna and flora, are mapped in the frame of this programme.

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Visualize the spread of various marine biotopes as well as shell sand deposits and terminal moraines in a way that easily convey knowledge about Norwegian coastal and marine areas for management, industry and research.


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