Electronic nautical charts WMS


WMS service for electronic nautical charts. Includes the official electronic navigation charts (ENC). These electronic nautical charts are produced in accordance with the International Hydrographic Organization's (IHO) standard for the exchange of digital nautical chart information, S57. The WMS service is updated regularly.

Specific usage

Planning and analysis purposes for businesses that work with maritime safety, environmental monitoring and coastal zone administration. Not designed for navigation.


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kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority

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kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority

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kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority


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Distribution type: WMS service

Get Capabilities Url: https://wms.geonorge.no/skwms1/wms.ecc_enc?service=wms&request=getcapabilities

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