N50 Map Data


Map data customised for the scale range 1:25,000 to 1:100,000. This product has a content corresponding to the paper map series Norway 1:50,000, with the exception of bathymetry (depths). Themes included in the product are land cover (water, soil type, etc.), administrative areas, buildings and facilities, height, restricted areas, transport and communications and place names. N50 Map Data covers mainland Norway and is delimited by the national borders with neighbouring countries and the territorial boundaries in the sea. This product has been cartographically edited with a view to presentation on a scale of 1:50,000. N50 Map Data is updated regularly and distributed weekly.

Specific usage

The data is suitable for functions such as production of topographic maps, thematic maps, hiking/leisure maps and interactive maps, and as data for online map solutions and in analysis contexts.


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Contact information

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kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority

Contact owner:
kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority

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kundesenter@kartverket.no – Norwegian Mapping Authority


Spatial representation: Vector

  • FGDB 10.0
  • GML 3.2.1
  • PostGIS 9.4
  • SOSI 4.5

Distribution type: Geonorge download

Units of distribution: fylkesvis, kommunevis, landsfiler

Reference systems:
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 32, 2d
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 33, 2d
  • EUREF89 UTM sone 35, 2d


Use limitations: Ingen begrensninger på bruk er oppgitt

Access constraints: Open data

Use constraints: License

Licence: Creative Commons BY 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

Security constraints: Unclassified


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